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Across five continents and seven oceans, food unites the world. We live to eat and we eat to live. Food permeates every aspect of our lives. Every country has its signature dishes – you can be sure to find amazing food in top-end restaurants in the heart of the city, as well as stomach-melting delights in rustic cafes off the beaten track.

Restaurants and cafes strive to leave an impression on their diners, with their food, ambience and service. Playing around with colours, textures and lightings, allow restaurants and cafes to bring out their unique characters and leave diners looking forward to their next visits. While high-end restaurants pull in the well-suited executives and dating couples in a relaxing setting with huge chandeliers and luxurious armchairs, rustic cafes target crowds of families and friends in a simplistically-cosy setting with industrial themed walls, wooden benches or stools and signature chalkboard menus.

Italian restaurants are well-known for their brick walls and homely country-style designs, while Indian eateries tend to be filled with colours and elaborate wall decor. Places specialising in Chinese cuisine love the traditional splashes of red and gold in their decorations and cutlery, while Japanese restaurants stand by their wooden walls with sake bottles display and paper lantern lighting.

A growing number of restaurants and cafes is opting to express themselves with a specific theme or for a specific meaning. An Indian restaurant in China grounds its nature theme with small trees and flowers, while some innovative cafes in Taiwan have distinguished themselves with their unique library-inspired interior and bookshelves display. A café in Singapore proudly displays a wide antique collection of bicycles, while a museum restaurant in Switzerland stuns all with its skeletal themed architecture and decor.

Some café and restaurant owners have gone a step further to convert historical buildings and old shops into a praise-worthy places of interest and enjoyment. Mindful designing retains the historical value and feel of the place, while also injecting the element of functionality and modernisation into the café and restaurants. Iron grilles, jukebox machines, refurbished minivans as well as clinically- inspired cutlery are a fraction of innovative designs in the new-age café and restaurants today.

There is no better time than now to eat and drink. Venture out of your comfort zone today and you might just be surprised by a new café or restaurant with a unique design. Remember to post your FOTD (Food of the Day) pictures on social media to tempt your readers! For ideas on how to fully design and utilise your restaurant and cafe space to increase the number of seating, contact us today!

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