Cosy Commercial Lounges

With growing affluence in society and the desire to be pampered, big names in the service industry are unveiling cosy commercial lounges for their clients to recline and relax in. This is especially significant in the airline and banking industries, where the sky is the limit in pampering premium clients.

Airport lounges today are getting raving reviews for their tasteful décor, luxurious ambience and impeccable service. Stepping into first and business class airport lounges immediately transports business travellers into a realm of fantasy, to be pampered beyond their expectations and teased in all five senses. Busy executives are able to catch up on work in a conducive working environment, complete with free Internet access and international power points, away from the crowds while waiting for their flights. Equally luxurious are premium banking lounges that have been sprouting up in major cities. The convenience of one-stop services and the personal attention of private bankers allow premium banking clients to conduct their banking needs with a cup of aromatic coffee in hand with privacy and class.

In airport lounges, the seating arrangement usually caters to single travellers or pairs of travellers. Nevertheless, sprinkles of communal seating are available in reading areas. Some airport lounges use mood lighting and colour-themed furniture to promote a different ambience in each section. With gentle piano pieces or new age instrumental music playing in the background, weary travelers are lulled into a quick nap in sleep pods, private booths or recliner lounge chairs. In addition to providing restful functionality, airport lounges offer pre-flight drinks with cocktail bars and finger food that soothe hunger pangs. Some airport lounges up the entertainment factor by offering billiard tables and game consoles.

Banking lounges retain their business functionality and professional touch with large-screened LED televisions for guests to catch the news. Their convenient locations in town centres ensure that comfort is never too far away for their busy, valued clients. Banking lounges typically promote seating arrangements for two or four people – the premium client or clients, and the banking officer. This makes for a cosy and intimate setting in which to discuss conduct confidential and important financial transactions.

Cosy, well-appointed lounges employ earth-tone colours, such as brown, beige or grey, for their walls to allow their guests to rest their eyes from the ubiquitous whitewashed walls of the commercial world. Luxurious carpets and textured walls add to the overall sensory impact, drawing guests into a world of classy beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The clever arrangement of chairs and tables creates a spacious feel while promoting much-desired privacy for guests to relax in a cosy and comfortable setting.

Well-designed commercial lounges separate different themed areas with the use of feature walls, glass textured waterfalls or aquarium display panels. Hanging lights with dim lighting, coupled with comfortable velvet sofas in elegant designs, add to the overall relaxation and sense of indulgence. The simplistic but elegant décor of commercial lounges enhance the overall luxe ambience, while signature paintings and tasteful flower arrangements go one step further to indulge the guests. Businesses today are taking great steps to pamper their premium clients for an unforgettable experience.

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