Unique Themed Restaurants

Food is the essence of life! Themed restaurants are great places to wine, dine, entertain and even introduce new cultures to friends and contacts.

Unique themed restaurants are housed in colonial-era buildings or places with important places in history, such as old hospitals, almost-forgotten chapels and grand mansions. A common feature of themed restaurants is their exclusive locations, away from the main roads and crowds. This gives them the element of high-society feel, where diners are expected to adhere to respectable dress codes to better enjoy the priceless tranquility and unique décor. Themed restaurants set the stage for diners to enjoy a leisurely meal in the midst of a fantasy world, complete with black-suited service and gorgeously-plattered food.

Interior Designs of Dreamy Bistros

Drinks are a great way for hardworking executives to unwind after a long day of work. Family, friends’ and after-work gatherings are never complete without drinks. Great ambience, non-intrusive service, unique house drinks and draft beers, set the mood for a great time and a memorable night of relaxation, laughter and enjoyment. Therefore, it is important that the interior design of your bistro business is able to cater for such an environment for your customers.

Bistros are small restaurants with a cosy atmosphere, typically serving home-styled meals and located among lush greenery for a quiet setting. Away from the bustling town centre and darting crowds, bistros are well-recommended for families and friends to enjoy a night out. These casual eateries feature clean and sleek furniture and décor, coupled with rattan chairs and an overall private ambience with ample space between tables to allow for private talks and a sense of relaxation and privacy.

Cosy Restaurants & Cafes

Across five continents and seven oceans, food unites the world. We live to eat and we eat to live. Food permeates every aspect of our lives. Every country has its signature dishes – you can be sure to find amazing food in top-end restaurants in the heart of the city, as well as stomach-melting delights in rustic cafes off the beaten track.

Restaurants and cafes strive to leave an impression on their diners, with their food, ambience and service. Playing around with colours, textures and lightings, allow restaurants and cafes to bring out their unique characters and leave diners looking forward to their next visits. While high-end restaurants pull in the well-suited executives and dating couples in a relaxing setting with huge chandeliers and luxurious armchairs, rustic cafes target crowds of families and friends in a simplistically-cosy setting with industrial themed walls, wooden benches or stools and signature chalkboard menus.


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