Cosy Restaurants & Cafes

Across five continents and seven oceans, food unites the world. We live to eat and we eat to live. Food permeates every aspect of our lives. Every country has its signature dishes – you can be sure to find amazing food in top-end restaurants in the heart of the city, as well as stomach-melting delights in rustic cafes off the beaten track.

Restaurants and cafes strive to leave an impression on their diners, with their food, ambience and service. Playing around with colours, textures and lightings, allow restaurants and cafes to bring out their unique characters and leave diners looking forward to their next visits. While high-end restaurants pull in the well-suited executives and dating couples in a relaxing setting with huge chandeliers and luxurious armchairs, rustic cafes target crowds of families and friends in a simplistically-cosy setting with industrial themed walls, wooden benches or stools and signature chalkboard menus.

Elegant Office Spaces Create Conducive Working Environments

Elegant office spaces conjure up images of high ceilings with bright lighting and lush carpentry with ergonomic office chairs. Tastefully-placed statement pieces such as captivating canvas oil paintings, potted plants or playful sculptures add colour and some fun to the office.

Most offices embrace clean and sleek colours such as white, brown, grey and black for their walls as well as the office furniture. As offices divert away from the traditional, bureaucratic cubicle design, an elegant workspace today emphasises on a flat structure with an open space culture to promote cross-functional teams and creativity at work. Employee interaction is encouraged to generate more business ideas and to allow the office to be more than just a workspace.

Concept Stores Enhance The Shopping Experience

With the popularity of online shopping, retail shops today are increasingly creating unique identities to draw shoppers to visit them. New design concepts have been emerging in the recent years, as retail shops go beyond merely displaying their merchandise to creating a holistic ambience and shopping experience for consumers.

Different brands have their own iconic interior designs in their shops. These designs do not only establish consumers’ recognition of the brands but also aim to provide consumers with an enjoyable shopping experience. A common design theme for retail shops today is the minimalist effect, well-executed by a Japanese fashion brand. Its items are displayed in brightly-lit shops with white walls and a minimalistic design that serve to create a clean and simplistic feel. The result is a conducive environment that allows consumers to focus on their shopping without disturbance from retail assistants or glaring displays.  

Hotels – A Home Away From Home

Travelling is a breeze these days, with the many budget and luxury airlines available for holiday-goers and business travellers. The emphasis today is not on the flight experience, given that the flight may just be a mere few hours for the traveler to catch a nap or read a book. The experience that travellers are looking for today is an exclusive hotel stay – a home away from home.

With the strong demand in the airline and hotel industry, hotels around the world are increasingly putting in extra touches to their properties to pamper guests. Rooms featuring luxurious bathtubs with  spectacular views of the city are highly sought-after, as are those offering unrivalled once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as magnificent views of the underwater world. Victorian-era royalty decorations adorning the entire bathroom are also a big pull factor for travellers in their hotel-booking decision process.

Quaint Shophouse Offices Combine The Old And the New

Shophouses are a permanent and unique fixture in Singapore’s property landscape. Many shophouses house eateries at the ground floor, with offices on the second floor. With their quaint, old-world charm, shophouse offices, as these workplaces are known, offer a conducive environment for work and present occupants a unique experience not found elsewhere.

The majority of shophouse offices is located in the Central Business District, in places such as Tanjong Pagar, Outram Park and Chinatown. Some shophouse offices are housed in conservation buildings, with close attention paid to retaining the historical importance of the buildings and ensuring that they are well-maintained. The charming, narrow units with ornate facades have been a source of fascination for decades and will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.

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