Beautiful Condominium Showflats

The metropolitan landscape is ever-changing. Old residential buildings get demolished and new ones are erected in their place. As standards of living increase, city-dwellers develop more sophisticated tastes and crave for better living conditions. What better way for developers to entice homeowners with their latest property offerings than to invite them to lavishly-decorated showflats?

Beyond basic functionality, condominiums offer the modern dwellers a lifestyle. Much more than simply a place to relax after a hard day at work, these heavenly abodes allow their occupants a place to live out their dreams. Astute property developers know that first impressions count and no expense is spared to dress up the very places which mark their first engagements with the future homeowners.

As the potential buyers step through the door, they are welcomed by project realtors to the purpose-built registration counter. The VIP treatment starts and very soon, the buyers are well on their way. As they saunter under the high ceiling in cool comfort, they cannot help but notice the intricate model display sitting in the middle of the open area. Meticulously built and brimming with details, the scale model of the development silently beckons the visitors.

The family steps away from the miniscule display and into the mock-up units, which by now appear larger than life. The warm hues of the foyer lighting are intimately inviting, as are the cool marble tiles that greet the eager feet that step on them. As the group makes its way down the corridor, the small chatter ends as soon as it starts, for it is quickly replaced by a jaw-dropping gaze. The living area opens up, complete with its resplesdent display of world-class creature comforts. Well-positioned downlights illuminate the expansive television lounge, creating a cosy environment for a evening session for the family. A large high-definition flat-screen television mounted on the wall is silent, while the children quickly clamber onto the leather sofa for a playful doze.

Their parents visually inspect the adjacent dining area, dominated by the contemporary, European-style lamp that hangs over the elongated, glass-and-steel table framed by white designer chairs. A mirror-panelled wall runs off to the side and leads to the kitchen, so often described as the heart of the home. Hearty meals made here can hardly go wrong, with the designer cooker hob and hood, as well as the ovens, that have been thoughtfully built into the floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Short stints in the bathroom are made enjoyable, as the occupiers and visitors alike are pampered by a host of modern accessories, whose use is made more by the carefully-chosen wall tiles that will brighten anyone’s day.

Any wonder about what secrets lie behind the oak bedroom doors is quickly dispelled as the family steps into a world of cosy restfulness. Large enough for two adults to walk side-by-side unobstructed while navigating their way around a king-sized bed, the master bedroom has sufficient room for a full-sized dressing table while still housing a spacious walk-in wardrobe by the corner. The room has been painted in eye-pleasing pastel colours, allowing the adults a restful night as they recharge mind and soul for the next working day. Next door, the children’s room comes alive with splashes of eyecatching blue, complete with cartoon-themed ceiling lamps that would capture the imagination of young minds.

As the family completes the tour of the residential development showflat, the adults are happy, content that that they have found their dream home. The children, too, sport wide grins on their delightful faces. They love what they have seen and they know that their parents will make their dreams come true.

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